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  1. p Says:

    Hi. I am re-posting this because I am not sure if I am asking the right person at this site. I asked these questions of Dr. Johnson too.

    I am a writer concerned about the lack of concern for little boys sexual health, and social discrepancies in uncovering and treating the specific abuse that boys suffer.

    I asked Dr. Johnson these questions as well.

    Hello. I am seeking information on several things that I do not know how to talk about, or ask about, so I will give it my best shot. Pardon me if it sounds crude to ask, but I don’t have the technical language.

    My questions involve the similarities and differences in the manner in which child victims of violence sexual abuse, or homicide are examined, treated, autopsied, etc.

    Is there a resource where a layperson can find data?

    My particular questions ( again I apologize if I sound crude)

    1) when little boys are killed, does anyone attempt to seek evidence of saliva in their genital regions?

    2) is there a rape kit for boys, and is that kit different then that for girls?

    3) when a little boy dies at the hands of a female caretaker, is a rape kit performed, or saliva samples collected from the genitals? What if a male is a suspect? What if a little girl is killed?

    4) when little boys are killed by women or girls, is the autopsy procedure the same, or different than for little girls?

    5) if little boys are sexually abused, does the doctor or nurse ask them gender specific questions, i.e. ‘did your dad,…’ which are followed up by ‘ did your mom…?’ In other words is the forensic exam egalitarian across the board?

    This is just the tip of an iceberg of my questions. Can you answer these, and point me to online resources for self study?

    Thank you for your time.

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