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States for Forensic Nursing Employment

August 30, 2011

Does anyone have data on the states that accept and do not accept forensic nurses? I want to consider all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Thank you for any employment information shared.

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August 27, 2011

Hi My names Yvonne, and I am just starting out in the Forensic Nursing area. Just wanted to chat with people in the same field.

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Master’s Degree

August 23, 2011

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

Ever since getting my masters degree I feel like a weight has been lifted in my life. Now I’m in a new city with new people and everything is extremely exciting. I guess this is a new stage in my life and I should reach out and embrace everything that comes my way. The only thing I need to do now is find a stable job and start making some money. Hopefully, I can tread water for a couple months on the money that I’ve saved from graduation presents and some money my father gave me. I recently moved into a new apartment uptown and besides the noise at night I love it! Since the crime rate is a little higher in this city than what I’m use to my friend mentioned going to and looking at some security options for my new place. I feel like it’s a purchase that I needed to make and I feel more secure knowing that my house is more adequately protected. Now that I know my place is protected I can focus all my energy around looking for a job.

Legalization of Marijuana, comment

August 16, 2011

I was planning to move to California because marijuana is legal in this state. Today, I read that marijuana is legal in 17 states (including the District of Columbia). So now I have 16 more reasons to live. I have severe arthritis and pain from a hit-and-run automobile accident. My doctors have prescribed a lot of medications. Some of them work and other do not work. The ones that do work last for a few weeks or months. My family is packing my bags right now. In a few days, marijuana will be giving me some needed relief.

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Medical Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana; November 2, 2009

Legalization of Marijuana, comment; November 6, 2009

Legalization of Marijuana, comment; February 15, 2010

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President Obama is 50 years old this month, comment

August 12, 2011

From the Forensic Nursing perspective, safety should be included in your list. Safety would address

  1. Seat belts
  2. Boating life jackets
  3. Bullet-proof vests (especially for our president in dangerous situations)
  4. Lighting for seeing clearly
  5. Emergency contact information close at hand
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President Obama is 50 years old this month

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Renting Textbooks

August 9, 2011

Have you lately noticed the cost of textbooks? They are high and keep going up. Do you wish you could save money on textbooks? You do not have to look far to save your money. Consider renting college books.


The money you save can be used on your nursing supplies and equipment. You can save time by receiving and returning your college textbooks via mail. No more worries about determining the price and buyer for your used books. Recycling of textbooks saves on our environment. There is the possibility of obtaining a highlighted book. This makes for a method to learn from other students. Give Rent-a-Textbook a try by clicking on their renting textbooks links within this blog.

Sexual Abuse Against Males

August 4, 2011

Hello. I am seeking information on several things that I do not know how to talk about, or ask about, so I will give it my best shot.Pardon me if it sounds crude to ask, but I don’t have the technical language.

My questions involve the similarities and differences in the manner in which child victims of violence sexual abuse, or homicide are examined, treated, autopsied, etc.

Is there a resource where a layperson can find data?

My particular questions ( again I apologize if I sound crude)

1) when little boys are killed, does anyone attempt to seek evidence of saliva in their genital regions?

2) is there a rape kit for boys, and is that kit different then that for girls?

3) when a little boy dies at the hands of a female caretaker, is a rape kit performed, or saliva samples collected from the genitals? Whatif a masle is a suspect? What if a little girl is killed?

4) when little boys are killed by women or girls, is the autopsy procedure the same, or different than for little girls?

5) if little boys are sexually abused, does the doctor or nurse ask them gender specific questions, i.e. ‘did your dad,…’ which are followed up by ‘ did your mom…?’ In other words is the forensic exam egalitarian across the board?

This is just the tip of an iceberg of my questions. Can you answer these, and point me to online resources for self study?

Thank you for your time.

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