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The Role of the Health Care Informatics Professional, comment

May 16, 2013

The original blog post is titled; “The Role of the Health Care Informatics Professional”  (Johnson 2013).   I agree that this is a very interesting field and one with a lot of potential.  The better able we are to harness the technology available to us the better able we will be to serve our clients and the unique health needs such as forensic nursing.  We could also collect data on a large scale basis to help provide feedback on success or failures of certain procedures. IT consultants in Washington DC can help in this area.

This technology comes with it’s risks and I think the biggest problem will be making sure the information stays confidential.  I can’t remember if I read this in our book or came across it during my research but there are some countries that have ATM type cards and they hold your medical information on them.  When you go to a new doctors you can give them this card and they can read your health files and look at any medical record you may have.

Having this process happen seamlessly between institutions and forensic personnel could save a lot of time and money.  Again though it needs to be used wisely and whenever you are talking about gathering a lot of personal information in one place it can be worrisome. Depending on how things go in my forensic nursing pathway I would be open to working in this field.  I love the health care field and I have years of experience in the high-tech field as well.


Johnson. J. (2013). The role of the health care informatics professionals [Blog].  Retrieved May 3, 2013, from

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