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What is Mechanism of Injury in regards to the Trauma patient?

May 20, 2013

This refers to the mechanisms whereby the energy is transferred from the environment to the person. Mechanism of injury assists the health care provider in triaging casualties and determining the probability of various types of injury.

Obtaining information related to Mechanism of injury is crucial in understanding what the patient’s body went through during the traumatic event. It may also be a very good predictor for associated injuries in which the patient may have sustained. Such things that may be of great importance: What did the vehicle look like: Mild/Moderate/Severe damage? Was there a Death in the same vehicle? Was the passenger restraint device used? Was there intrusion into the frame of the vehicle? Was the steering wheel bent? Did EMS notice any starring of the windshield? This information can be of great help when trying to prevent secondary injury in the trauma patient.

Did the car accident occur in Miami, FL (the location of our office)? Was chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, or another type of mechanical therapy instituted? Was there a surgical or mechanical procedure performed at the hospital? This information can be of help in identifying the progress in the accident patient.
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Driving under the influence of carisoprodol

February 24, 2013

Many people frequently drive cars, operate heavy machinery, while under the influence of prescription medications, even though it is clearly labeled they must not do so. Depending on the injury being treated, perhaps it would be beneficial to use a natural treatment for muscle relaxation rather than rely on such a potent drug such as carisoprodol.

When there is a desire to use a natural treatment, people still need to consult with their healthcare provider. This includes those treatments taken by mouth and applied to the skin/muscles. For example, the natural herb valerian or valerian root may cause drowsiness. Another example, a hot pack may lead to discomfort while driving or operating heavy machinery.

People also need to read the labels for Over The Counter medicine and therapies. Some of these will tell the consumer not to drive or operate heavy machinery. If the consumer has trouble understanding the labels, the consumer should consult the pharmacist or the professional on staff. Many products list a toll-free number and website that can be contacted. There are also some general public consumer hotlines and websites that can be contacted.

What should be done if there is an automobile accident? Please read “What To Do After A Car Accident.”

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