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May 3, 2012

Torture has been a part of society since documented history, so we must assume that it was in place even before that. Torture is the willful violation of an individual for any purpose; whether it is spite, anger, retribution, hate, coercion, or deep-seated mental disturbances. This is only a small list of the many reasons why one person would misuse another. Torture can be physical. Some examples of this include painful suspension of body parts, dental manipulation, beating, painful manipulation of the body, suffocation, drugs, electrocution, mutilation and burns. This could lead to deformities, physical dysfunction and infections as well as psychological problems. Torture can be emotional. This would include harassment, denigration, debasement, constant criticism and neglect, to name a few. This leads to poor self-esteem and emotional distress as well as loss of the ability to participate in the usual effective daily functioning. Psychological torture also affects family functioning and parenting skills and promotes social withdrawal. It also causes the individual to withdraw from active participation in his usual community activities. Another form of torture is sexual. Nonconsensual sex is the denigration and loss of self-esteem of the individual in addition to the added risk of an unwanted pregnancy. It also spreads STDs. Other forms of torture are the mass brutalization of a community. This would include violent actions or mass executions, use of weapons ad-lib, and slavery or abduction of children, forcing them into the militia. It would include the destruction of the communities’ facilities such as homes, and clinics. This leads to decreased access to healthcare increasing the risk of disease and epidemics. Frequently these invaders force these communities into slavery Lynch and Duvall (p. 37, 2006). References Lynch, Virginia A. and Duvall, Janet Barbara. (2006). Forensic Nursing. (p.37). Elsevier Mosby: St. Louis.

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