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A Form of Elder Abuse that goes unnoticed

September 29, 2011

Understanding Elder Abuse is a topic that is now a hospital competency for healthcare workers. As a nurse in the ED there are situations where the abuse is evident and other times more subtle and seen through the interactions between the elderly patient and his/her family. What about those families that bring grandma or grandpa to the ED right before a Holiday with a list of symptoms that guarantee an admission? Only for us, the staff to hear the family tell us they are going out of town for the Holidays and won’t be available for X number of days. It is a situation that, when assessed, is a form of Elder Abuse. It happens more often with those elderly patient’s who are not able to verbalize well, have dementia/Alzheimer’s or cannot speak for themselves. With an overhaul of the healthcare system there will have to be an overhaul of the social services in this country because without it there will be no way to provide safe, effective and complete care to the most vulnerable in our population.

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New Scrubs Needed

September 22, 2011

Last week, I was involved in a forensic autopsy. My nursing scrubs became very stained even though I tried to prevent it from happening. On this particular day, I did not have an extra set of scrubs in my locker. Boy, was I glad to get home, change my clothes, and set out a fresh pair of scrubs for the subsequent day. Uh-oh I said to myself. All of my scrubs were in the laundry basket to be washed. So I placed all of my used scrubs into the washing machine. Then, I went straight to my computer to look for more scrubs to purchase. I came across

Proceeding to the Sale link, I was pleasantly surprise to find just the scrubs I needed. also has children scrubs. They like to play with my old scrubs. Now they can have their very own children’s scrubs.

Of course, I ordered a pair of scrubs for my husband from the scrubs for men section.


September 9, 2011

Hemophilia A is the most common hereditary disease associated with bleeding. It is caused be a decrease in amount or activity of factor VIII. Factor VIII is an important protein involved in the coagulation process, mainly in the intrinsic pathway. Hemophiliacs have a tendency to bruise easily, and have massive hemorrhage after trauma or surgical procedures. Recurrent bleeding in joints also occurs in people with this disease. When hemophiliacs bleed, they do not bleed faster than normal, they bleed longer because the coagulation process does not function properly. This condition can lead to death and may not be diagnosed until an autopsy is performed by medical personnel, such as forensic nurses.

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