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Evidence of Violence in Bones

March 30, 2009

Bright Surf Science News, March 9, 2004

Evidence of Violence in Bones

After reading this article, I have a clearer view of the immense benefit that DNA sequencing has had on humanity.  The ability to sequence DNA fragments is still a marvel.  In this article it talks about how investigators in San Juan ante Portam Litinam ( Basque County) have found an Archaeological site containing a communal grave.  Three hundred people were found in this grave.  They found out that the bones were about 5,000 years old, from the Neolithic period.  They were thought to be  non-violent.  Arrowheads made from flint were found embedded into their bones.  The bodies were found twisted together as if they were tied together.  All of these signs indicated violence.
The investigators figured that since this Neolithic period was a hunting/gathering society, it was beginning to change to a society composed of animal husbandry and agriculture, that they were developing more of a sense of property and having things.  This would cause some confrontations amongst the different groups, which could lead to violence.  The bones found at this site have opened new doors, with more hope for the future of humankind.

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