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Walmart’s Pre-Black Friday Forensic Nursing Textbooks

November 22, 2011

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BKB – Bathroom Vanities

November 21, 2011

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SANE program

November 21, 2011

I just wanted to share that I’m excited to be a part of an evolving area of nursing at the facility I work at. We are researching the start of a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) program. The way we process sexual assaults presently is so detrimental to the victim and the evidence. None of nurses have been trained in forensic nursing so we always have to take the kit, and directions into the room with us and read and work as we go. It’s a one on one situation which takes a nurse out of commission making her feel rushed to get the process over with, which is not fair to the victim. The SANE nurse is trained in the collection of forensic evidence, the exam and needed follow up referrals; they’re also trained in the process of judiciary proceedings. It will be a great asset to have a nurse on call to spend the needed time with the patient as well. This training will also help in the collection of data for possible domestic abuse cases.

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November 15, 2011

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Poor Care Delivery

November 2, 2011

Medicare is certainly sending healthcare providers a message. They will not pay for poor care delivery. An example of this is that they will no longer pay if a patient falls or develops a bed sore. I applaud this. We should not add to our patient’s demise by adding additional disease processes to the one the came in with. While it may be true that someone with low immunity could develop a nosocomial infection, it can not be tolerated that we leave them unsafe with the ability to fall and break a hip. My hospital has developed techs that sit “one on one” with demented or confused patients. This has drastically reduced the falls.

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