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Emergency Funding Needed

October 19, 2014

Community Service Announcement

We are highlighting one very caring youth. She needs our support. Her goal is to obtain adequate housing and food for her and the family. The sweet family consists of her older sister, 2 brothers, daughter, and mother. This family is struggling since August of this year to find housing that is large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone. They are also struggling to keep the school-age children in one steady school. A constant set of classmates, teachers, and routine would improve the lives of this family tremendously. This would also prevent disorganization and disarray. The highlighted youth is struggling to look for employment and care for her preschool age daughter. She has a brilliant idea of studying online. Her studies brought curiosity to our educational services. She is a very active and motivated student. The knowledge she is gaining is leading closer to the goal of obtaining adequate housing. Yet, she and her family are in great need of money to quickly get out of the clutches of an over-cramped residence. There are 6 persons living in 450 square feet of space. Please donate generously to the educational advancement of this young lady as she seeks to improve the living conditions of her struggling family.

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