Cultural Sensitivity


Being able to treat a patient from another culture is quite challenging and takes alot of patience and understanding, when communication is an issue. These patients may not have the same language, health practices, beliefs and values as your own, which adds extra challenges. How we interact will depend on our own heritage, culture and our atitude and view we may have towards other cultures. Cultural compentacy and sensitivity is key when assisting these patients. They have as much a right to compentent, health care as any culture. The United States Department of Health and human services (USDHHS), Office of Minority Health (OMH) took things a step further. Any one living in the United States, is offered appropiate culturally and linguistically health care services. To be able to meet these requiremens first you need to be culturally sensitive, don’t sterotype and develope a template that can be used in the cultural assessment of the patient and family.

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