Areas of knowledge needed


The position of clinical forensic nurse covers alot of areas, such as bio-psycho-socio-spiritual-cultural and legal disciplines. The clinical forensic nurse must be aware of boundaries of all the disciplines. You must be able to provide empathy to people who display negative human behavior, non-judgemental. Inocent until proven guilty. One area which challenges health practioners, is pain involving violation of the human spirit. If you go through a traumatic/criminal experience and survive, you may be physically here and alive but yet your inner self is hurt, violated and/or impaired. This leads to dysfunction. Being it in your daily living, your thought process etc. This is where nursing has a hand above due to our past training and experiences. We are taught to look at the big picture and not just one problem. The focus has to be on the whole person not just what is physically apparent. This is where your psycho, socio and spiritual training comes in. We (nurses) are better equipped to deal with this than law enforcement. We help our vicitims with coping mechanisms, get them the support, education and nurturing that they may need to recover. The nurse must always remain aware of ethical and legal issues that pertains to each case. The nurse is accountable for her behavior actions and treatments, all of which are subject to criminal or civil law actions. The nurse is accountable to the public, patient, her profession and the law.

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