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I saw the same clip you are talking about on the news. I totally agree with you that law enforcement agencies should be educated in this matter. Not just with hypoglycemia but other diseases as well. Now a days law enforcement officers seem to be jumping the gun rather then assessing the real situation. For example, at a local hospital in Houston, Texas, a disoriented man drove up to the emergency entrance and was acting psychotic. He was clearly very ill. This man had no idea what he was saying or had no control over his actions. He continued to make threats towards the medical team when they were trying to help. The police were called to the scene and drew their weapons. Then he started to make verbal threats towards the police officers while making all sorts of hand gestures. When the man seemed to reach for something in his vehicle, the police shot this man 6 times. Since, this hospital was only a level one, they had to life flight him to a different facility. After investigating the crime scene, it turns out that the man was only reaching for a flashlight!

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May 27, 2009
Title: Hypoglycemic Attack

Not only is the public ignorant about diseases like Parkinson’s, but other disorders as well. For example, on the news there was a man that seemed to be avading the police when in reality he was having a hypoglycemic attack. When the man finally came to a stop, the police bashed his window in and pulled the man out of his car through the window breaking his arm in multiple places. When they finally drug him out of his car window, they threw him to the ground and continued to beat this man into handcuffs. Had the police actually known about the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia instead of assuming that he was under the influence, this would have saved them a law suit. So, even in law enforcement, there is room for education about different diseases.

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