I work with infants and we have had a few cases of SIDS come up in the last few years. When we have a family in the unit who has had a child die from SIDS we do take precautions and send them home on an apnea monitor. Studies say there is no genetic link but who knows. We don’t really know why SIDS happens. If you had a SIDS case I think the forensic nurse should look at more factors than what was listed in the article. It is hard to determine what happened. One should be looking at family, environment, second hand smoke, nutritional status of the infant, growth and development of the infant and not just the autopsy finding. With the new newborn screens that have come out in some states, hopeful some of the screens will pick up if it is a metabolic/genetic disorder prior to the event happening. Maybe some of these different labs should be added in addition to the autopsy. So maybe it could be genetic disorder.


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