Organ Donation


Yes, in Ohio we are asked that question of “do you want to donate your organs”. This does seem rather cold and heartless. There is no follow up to that question if it is answered yes. There is no counseling. You have people at the BMV/DMV asking you. Not medical/forensic personnel who know what they are talking about. I could have said yes at the age of twenty and now I’m forty and my family might not know anything about that decision I made a long time ago. I had a baby on my unit that was terminal and on life support and it took the family weeks to come to a decision. The “loop” team was involved and talking with the family. But they did seem a little “pushy” about getting those organs. We just instituted a new policy at my hospital stating that if one went to the OR to harvest organs then the ethics committee would have to be on standby and come in as a “double check” for the family. Just to make sure they understand what they are deciding upon. If one says yes to organ donation at the BMV/DMV there should be information given/sent by forensic nurses/team so the person saying yes has a more informed consent.


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