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For you art lovers, there is a lady who can add taste to your walls in the form of Art Prints. She can also provide artistic flare to your greeting cards. The painter is Crispin Korschen of New Zealand. She ships products globally and locally. All that makes up her Barkingmad products is sourced locally. Having exhibitions in New Zealand and wanting to share her vision globally, Barkingmad was born.

For those of you who like sales, there is a sale page. There is forty percent off on many of her products. MasterCard™, American Express™, Discover™, and Visa™ are accepted. PayPal is not listed. It would be nice if it were listed.

One page has information on stocking your or a friend’s shop. There are many New Zealand and Australian shops already stocking the products.

There is a link to her Facebook™ page with fantastic images. Many people have made comments.

So if you have a love for art and a need to decorate your office, clinic, or home, Barkingmad is worth checking. And if you want to send greeting cards to customers, clients, contact, friends, and family, Barkingmad is worth examining. Barkingmad also creates image blocks, prints on watercolor paper, and resin image panels.

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