Cosmetic Surgery, Botox, and Liposuction


Sally: I will not be working tomorrow because I am going to get cosmetic surgery in Philadelphia.


Karen: I did not know you were thinking about cosmetic surgery. How did you find the center?


Sally: Mary told me about it.


Mary: I got my botox in Philadelphia and am very happy with the results. Then, I shared this with Sally.

Karen: I need some liposuction from my hips. But Philadelphia is too far for me to travel.

Mary: Where do you live?

Karen: I live in South Jersey.

Mary: You are in luck! This same clinic has liposuction in South Jersey.

Karen: You are not kidding me are you?

Mary: I am serious.

Karen: This is just what I need. Wait to I get home and tell my husband. As soon as I get home, we will plan an appointment day when he can take me.

Mary: Once I we save up more money, I plan to get liposuction also. When I went to the clinic for my botox, there was no waiting. I got to my appointment a few minutes early and the staff took me in before my appointment time. The sofa was very comfortable in the waiting room.

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