High Speed Internet Service


Secretary: Item #3 for the business meeting is “Updating Our Internet Service” for our healthcare facility.

Chairman: What did you find out Member #2?

Member #2: As you all know, we had tornado wind damage 2 weeks ago. Prior to this, we had planned to update our Internet Service. The best company that can change our Dial-Up Internet to DSL is Copper.net/.

Member #1: What other companies did you consider?

Member #2: All of the other companies I looked at could not bring Internet Service to us. If they worked at it and did bring us Internet Service, it would be Dial-Up.

Member #3: We have to remember that we are in the rural part of Mississippi. It is a well-known fact that high speed Internet Service is not widely available in CA and MS.

Member #4: You are correct that Lumberton, MS is considered rural with our 2,000 plus population.

Member #2: Copper.net/ stated that we are in the best zip code 39455 for our town where DSL service may be found. I will add that Copper.net/ is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Member #5: I move that we take a vote.

Member #1: I second the move.

Chairman: Those in favor of using Copper.net/ for DSL Internet Service, say yes.

Member: #1 – #5: Yes.

Chairman: It is unanimous.

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