The Symbol of Forensic Nursing


As we have discovered through our readings forensic nursing is a combination of many different disciplines involving social science, nursing science, and legal sciences. The symbol in the center of the integrated practice model which reflects the legal, forensic medical, physical, psychosocial, and nursing sciences components, is composed of the scales of justice, the bundle of public service, the caduceus, and the eternal flame of nursing. The flame shows the enlightenment of humanity and perpetuates the challenge in the nursing to continue to evolve and expand into new roles as societal trends demand. The caduceus represents medical science, The scales of justice emphasize the notion that patient care must require consideration of legal as well as human rights. In total the model demonstrates attention to the concepts of person (victim, suspect, offender, human, behavior), health (healthcare, institutions, nursing sciences, individuals, and groups), nursing (nursing science, forensic nursing), and environment (experience, societal impact, and healthcare systems), as well as to internal issues (clarification, expectation, and behavior) and external components (sociology and criminology; social, cultural, and political factors; and education).

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