Opioids, more than just for addicts


Addiction is a large problem with opioids, another problem with them is that doctors and nurses tend to distrust a patients need for the opioids. There are many patients who need the relief they offer for their suffering. In the Boston Collaborative Drug Study it was found that when 12,00 patients were prescribed opioids only 4 became abusers. This shows that the drugs can do more good than the general public knows. It is very easy for the public to hear the story about a man addicted to codeine and oxycodone, but often we are not told of the person who was save tremendous pain of surgery by taking morphine. As a nurse I need to not only give my patients the best care, but also teach them about their care. Maybe if more time is put on the teaching before administering the opioids there would be fewer problems with patients becoming abused. Also if the patient understands the opioids better, they may be less inclined to mix them with other medications and the side effects will not be as dramatic.

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