Narcotic Abuse

At this time I own/operate a drug testing business and we currently have a program through the court system to prevent juveniles from serving “adult” sentences if there are drugs involved. I live in eastern KY and I’m sure if you watch the news you have seen we are the RX drug capital of the US. Anyway, these kids are stealing their parents narcotics and snorting them or selling them. The parents are doctor hopping and have not 2-3 bottles but 40-50 bottles of different narcotics. It sickens me to think about the life these kids are getting into. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t just be better to let them serve some “real” time and see what “innocent” snorting will get you. As a nurse, this is a rampant problem even among professionals. I am shocked at the number of nurses, doctors and nursing students that we have positive drug tests on that are taking large volumes of narcotics with legal RX while treating patients. It makes me want to drug test all physicians or nurses before they touch me!!

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