JACHO Regulation


JACHO has developed a checklist to prevent sentinel events from occurring in the hospital setting. I have not encountered these before and found them particularly noteworthy: a. Screening tools are available for personnel in clinics, the ED, inpatient, geriatric, or critical care units to identify patients who have been abused or neglected. b. All personnel are trained in the use of specified criteria for detecting abuse or neglect using objective assessments, not allegations alone, to identify cases for further management by appropriate authorities. c. Orientation and annual training programs include information and procedures useful in detecting forensic cases and referring them to appropriate individuals or services for treatments, reacted space for examining forensic patients which is equipped with locked units for storage of forensic evidence. d. Forensic reference resources are available to providers who may need guidance in identifying signs and symptoms of human abuse and neglect. e. The communication and reporting system within the facility is designed to maintain a high degree of patient privacy and discretion when forensic cases are being managed (short chain of reporting, dedicated phone lines, record security, release of information, etc.) e. Personnel are skilled in the appropriate techniques required for identification, collection, preservation and safeguarding of evidentiary items outlined in the facility’s policy and procedure manual. f. Patient standards of care include the recognition of forensic patients. g. Policy and procedures outline management of sudden, unexpected deaths, sexual assault and human abuse and neglect. h. Personal training folders incorporate required training and skills validation associated with the management of human abuse and neglect i. The facility has a clear plan for managing victims of sexual assault of all ages and both genders. j. Mechanisms are in place to accomplish various types of photo documentation and to manage these photos with high level of security and flawless chain of custody. References Lynch, Virginia A. and Duval, Janet Barber. (2006). Forensic Nursing. St. Louis: Elsevier Mosby

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