“Doctor Shopping”


I have recently learned that there are many people that have several different doctors, receiving several different medications. I work in a jail and am pretty new in this setting, so I learn something new every day! I believe there should somehow be a universal computer program that tracks these patients using the different pharmacies, doctors, and emergency rooms getting narcotics prescribed to them, just to turn around and be sold on the streets. Of course I’m sure someone would find a way around the system and use a different name. I believe this would take some of the drugs (narcotics) off the streets, excluding cocaine, marijuana, heroine, etc. I have had several patients tell me they “doctor shop” to get what they want from each doctor. They also have told me that they use different pharmacies each time so they don’t get caught. I would think this would be a job for detectives to check in at each pharmacy and get lists of names of people receiving narcotics, so these people who are doing this type of illegal activity may be put under surveillance.


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