Forensic Nurse Response Team


The article entitled Forensic Nurse Response Team is about a forensic nursing unit and the quick comprehendible process of evaluation within a timely manner. This is a four step process that includes step 1 triage nurse determines patients visit, medical history and documents the findings. If a situation where police needs to be involved the nurse will also contact police at this time. Step 2 involves a physician, NP or PA providing screenings and medical exams before patients medical needs are taken care of. Step 3 includes basic information in order to register patient, as example DOB, Height, Weight ext. Step 4 entails a forensic nurse collecting evidence for the processing of law enforcement. At this time the client will also be receiving referral number or social services consults. This article was interesting in the fact that it gave a quick and easy way to understand the complete goal of forensic nursing; while explaining the importance of each individual task involved. The article also discussed who was billing for the procedures and how personal insurance would and would not cover procedures depending on the incident. Forensic nursing is a multidisciplinary nursing field and will only be successful if each discipline provides correct/useful information.


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