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Disaster Relief Tutoring Fund

April 28, 2019

Disaster Relief Tutoring Fund

In the anticipation of natural disasters, we’re asking for donations to assist students who will be affected by the upcoming storms. Disasters may be fire, hurricane, tragedy, earthquake, flood, storm, or tornado. We are an online tutoring service helping as many as we can nationwide. This is our third year volunteering a much-needed service. We provide services from the pre-kindergarten to post-graduate level. Examples of subjects are math, science, English as a second language, health, nursing, Microsoft Office, college admissions assistance/personal statement, employment preparation/resume, and professional speaking.

One student wrote “I was really amazed when one of your tutors helped me with Excel today. I thought it would take hours to solve a problem. Your tutor saved me days of hair-pulling. She helped me to solve my problems within minutes!” Another student typed “Distance teaching is OK with me as long as I learn how to build a web site like I want to!” The third person said, “It is a pleasure to have you tutor our son. He really enjoys the tutoring lessons with you. Thank you.”

Our main expenses are for support staff, textbook, computer, Internet, and telephone services. For each $100 that you donate, you will receive a free and complimentary $15 online tutoring session.

If your family has been affected, please contact us to receive free tutoring for your students.

You may start donating today. A thank-you goes to each one of you for donating your funds. Please tell others, ask about non-bank card payment methods, and contact us for details using the green envelope in the upper right corner of our GoFund Me page. Or you may contact us by clicking on the links below.

Cherish Your Children: Shape their Future by Participating in it

May 6, 2014

I agree with the statement made by Stephanie “involve yourself in the online activities with your child.” The more parents participating in the online education and tutoring of children, the better will be the learning experience. With the knowledge of online resources, there is less fear and more encouragement by the parents.

One method to achieve the above goal is initiated by Dr. Johnson called Support Online Tutoring of Children. Click on the preceding link and the website will explain it better than I could. Many financial sponsors are needed for this cause.

Support Online Tutoring of Children

Support Online Tutoring of Children

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