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Are Staff Nurses Prepared to Care for Domestic Violence Victims?

December 25, 2008

As nurses, we advocate for our patients and we attempt to provide them with the best care possible based on theory, evidence-based practice, and research. Nurses advocate for women who are abused and attempt to counsel them on their value and who they are as a person. Nurses attempt to help heal victim’s wounds and find resources for them to continue on with life, preferably a healthy, happy, and safe life. The problem comes in when nurses are unprepared to collect evidence in the ER or office when a domestic violence victim seeks our help. The victim does not often get a second chance and so as nurses we can’t afford to miss anything, and we need to get everything right the first time for these women. How many times have we seen the perpetrator get off free because of lack of evidence? In many large city hospitals forensic nurses are trained and on staff 24/7 to provide care and collect evidence when domestic violence victims are brought in. My question is what happens to the victims that seek care in a small town hospital? Many of these hospitals see domestic violence victims infrequantly and don’t have adequately trained staff to care for them when they do seek help. As a former ER nurse I have been in situations caring for rape victims. We had a kit available but read through it step by step and prayed we performed the exam correctly. I believe a nurse with knowledge of an advanced health assessment can be a great help to victims in being able to detect abnormal findings and reporting them in full detail. This is a great start, but what else can nurses in small hospitals do to make sure domestic violence victims receive care a forensic nurse can give without the forensic nurse qualifications?

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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

December 6, 2007

I had the opportunity to attend one of the SANE nurses classes. Benefits of the class include: Power point pictures of assault victim’s torn tissues were shown and explained. Since examination of the labias, hymen, and the vagina is usually done quickly seeing this damage and having the damage explained was very valuable. Digital camera techniques were demonstrated. How to collect specimens to legally use as evidence in court was demonstrated. Crime detectives lectured to relate some of the crime scenes and how to help the crime victim. One of their objectives is to have a woman detective with the woman and to get the SANE caregiver as soon as possible. The new SANE nurse can go with another SANE nurse before she needs to go by herself. I am not sure if males are SANE nurses I think they should be because men also get raped. I did not have any males in my class.


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