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County Nurse Coroner

June 26, 2013

Our evening supervisor is leaving our facility because she is going to be our county nurse coroner. Nurse death examiners work for the medical examiner and investigate the circumstances of a death before the body can be released. Nurse coroners can perform death investigations, as well as issue death certificates, a responsibility that differentiates them from nurse death investigators. This nurse is excited to begin her new career. She gets to use nursing in a new light. The nursing process is always the same- assess, diagnose, plan, implement, evaluate. She will just be using these procedures in the after life. She will gain new assessment skills from the head to toe exam. She will not be able to ask questions so will have to rely on what the body can tell her. How interesting is that? I someday think I might be interested in that. I do have a major concern. That is getting shot at with a gun or stabbed with a knife. I feel safe when armed officers are present. Another thing that helps me feel safe is when I wear ballistic armor. The agency that I work for must have and buy Teflon fabric armor.

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