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Musculoskeletal System

March 21, 2013

I have found that the most consistent complaint, and yet the most difficult to evaluate, is chronic low back pain. Although most complaints are valid, I have had experiences where they were not. In one situation, a 56-year-old man presented for evaluation for long term disability- I was seeing him as a follow up. All appropriate scans had been ordered and were negative. He had several office exams that were inconsistent. When I examined him, he complained loudly with LE range of motion, but had no complaints when I did a leg raise. After speaking with the physician, we went with our instincts and refused to fill out his disability paperwork. He was very angry and sought a second opinion. He never returned to our office. Imagine my surprise when I was playing in a local golf tournament for charity and there was our patient who had absolutely no difficulty swinging his golf clubs! He saw me at the dinner following and refused to make eye contact. I told the physician I was working with and we both felt good about following our instincts.

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