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Herbalife Updates

February 19, 2013

This is a review of Herbalife Updates. For those who have an interest in herbs and the may interest you. The Herbal Nutrition Network as it is called, is dedicated to health and nutrition.

First, it should be said that Herbalife is a 30-year-old health and wellness company. They provide a directory of the world’s best distributors and help local customers connect with their local distributor.

Now back to the Herbal Life blog “The Herbal Nutrition Network (HNN) is the largest independent provider of Herbalife retail websites to distributors.” Herbal Life is keen on connecting local customers with local distributors.

The HNN is personal in showing descriptions and pictures of their team. The Network describes differ methods of doing business. This part is detailed and can be confusing for the basic reader.

The blog appears to have been started in 2009. The latest post is dated December 17, 2012. The HNN is available in English and Spanish with French soon to come. The HNN is available in eight countries with 3 more soon to come.

One exciting thing that the HNN does is to allow the mouse pointer to control the movement of the tags up, down, right, and left. Try this movement exercise for fun!

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