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What is Mechanism of Injury in regards to the Trauma patient?

May 20, 2013

This refers to the mechanisms whereby the energy is transferred from the environment to the person. Mechanism of injury assists the health care provider in triaging casualties and determining the probability of various types of injury.

Obtaining information related to Mechanism of injury is crucial in understanding what the patient’s body went through during the traumatic event. It may also be a very good predictor for associated injuries in which the patient may have sustained. Such things that may be of great importance: What did the vehicle look like: Mild/Moderate/Severe damage? Was there a Death in the same vehicle? Was the passenger restraint device used? Was there intrusion into the frame of the vehicle? Was the steering wheel bent? Did EMS notice any starring of the windshield? This information can be of great help when trying to prevent secondary injury in the trauma patient.

Did the car accident occur in Miami, FL (the location of our office)? Was chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, or another type of mechanical therapy instituted? Was there a surgical or mechanical procedure performed at the hospital? This information can be of help in identifying the progress in the accident patient.
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The Role of the Health Care Informatics Professional, comment

May 16, 2013

The original blog post is titled; “The Role of the Health Care Informatics Professional”  (Johnson 2013).   I agree that this is a very interesting field and one with a lot of potential.  The better able we are to harness the technology available to us the better able we will be to serve our clients and the unique health needs such as forensic nursing.  We could also collect data on a large scale basis to help provide feedback on success or failures of certain procedures. IT consultants in Washington DC can help in this area.

This technology comes with it’s risks and I think the biggest problem will be making sure the information stays confidential.  I can’t remember if I read this in our book or came across it during my research but there are some countries that have ATM type cards and they hold your medical information on them.  When you go to a new doctors you can give them this card and they can read your health files and look at any medical record you may have.

Having this process happen seamlessly between institutions and forensic personnel could save a lot of time and money.  Again though it needs to be used wisely and whenever you are talking about gathering a lot of personal information in one place it can be worrisome. Depending on how things go in my forensic nursing pathway I would be open to working in this field.  I love the health care field and I have years of experience in the high-tech field as well.


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Worship Music Lyric Videos, comment

May 16, 2013

It is with excitement that I read about Worship Music Lyric Videos. We are leery of Internet offers for these videos. Some are out of business. Others say the videos are free to download, but a hidden charge sneaks up. One of the computer forensics technicians on our floor said musicians and the authorities are cracking down on illegal transfer of music.

We definitely can use the lyrics at our church. Approximately half of our congregation are older adults and the other half young adults. One group does not know the lyrics that the other group is singing. And vice versa. Having your legal church song lyric films will bring unity to our church.

Perception of Coercion

May 13, 2013

I believe that Ukraine should allow a neutral international team of forensic nurses and experts speak with and exam Yulia Tymoshenko. She is the ex-prime minister who has been jailed since 2011 in Ukraine. I would be happy to take a trip from America to Ukraine to be part of the international team. I would ask for an office for rent in Kharkov and one of the short-term apartment rentals in Kharkov.

The importance of the material covered on health history interviewing cannot be over emphasized in forensic psychiatric nursing. The ability to communicate with accurate empathy, non-judgment and skillful use of specific techniques is essential for accurate risk assessment and monitoring of mental status changes. People who are impaired with paranoid delusions, mistrust, and extreme sensitivity to the motives of others (such as the government of Ukraine), are more inclined to provide information to clinicians that they perceive to be competent. Monahan and colleagues at the MacArthur foundation found that the manner in which providers communicated affected the recipient’s perception of coercion for better or for worse. That is, even when recipients were being subjected to involuntary treatment, their scores on the “Perception of Coercion” scale were lower when the clinician communicated with empathy and respect. Violent events in psychiatric settings can be reduced when staff is competent in assessment and forming working alliances with the patients.

Avoiding Foreclosure

May 2, 2013

We had a very low turnover rate for the past 5 years at our Forensic Consulting Firm. A big part of this is due to the recession. A large number are not able to obtain the new positions they were hoping to secure. Some have gone through, are going through, or may go through foreclosure. A Cleveland foreclosure lawyer said some people might be prey to predatory lending or unjust trading of their mortgages to other banks.

One co-worker decided to move in with her parents. She has not been able to sell her house for one year now. Before she moved out her house, she was struggling to keep up with her mortgage. She applied for higher positions internally and externally. Not able to sell her house, she decided to rent it. The family that moved into her house is paying the rent and keeping my co-worker in a better financial position. She pays her parents rent and has money left over. This plan was what she came away with after she left the office of the Cleveland foreclosure lawyer.

I have a cousin who tried to sell his house and move to Cleveland. After one and a half year of trying, he and his wife gave up. They could not sell their house and they discovered that many houses were being foreclosed on within Cleveland.

PGA Village Verano, review

April 22, 2013

It is time for me to retire after 52 years as a forensic nurse. I served 25 years at one large law firm and received a silver pin. Shortly after this, a forensic consulting firm recruited me. I have worked for this consulting firm for 25 years. They honored with a silver pen. It is correct that the first firm gave me a stick pin and the second firm gave me a writing pen.

I plan to retire at the PGA Village Verano. This is a resort style community located in Florida. This is idea for me since I am an avid golfer. There is a clubhouse and PGA Golf Club. The Verano is a gated community. The security is something my husband insists should be in place with any community we are moving to. He said security is needed for senior citizens like us.

There are well-planned activities and events at the Verano. The one thing I like the best is that Verano is a privileged membership to the PGA. This membership is optional. However, I will make sure that my membership stays active as long as can enjoy the game of golf. I can hardly wait for my retirement to start.

Boating Accident at the Beach

April 22, 2013

A Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer handled one of the saddest cases I have seen as a forensic nurse. On one hot Memorial Day weekend, a family went to the beach. There were hundreds of families at the beach. There were also boaters in the water. One particular boater was swaying port and starboard as it traveled at a high rate of speed. Then the boat unexpectedly veered into the swimmers area. Families were screaming and yelling as this boat headed toward them. A few yards before hitting a group of families, the boat miraculously veered back into the open waters of the boating area. The wake created by the boat tossed the human bodies like rag dolls.

After the violent tossing and screaming had ended, everyone appeared to be safe. However, there was a ten-year-old girl who was not breathing. Lifeguards were giving her CPR. She spent ten days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Her brain suffered some damage due to a lack of blood flow and oxygen.

It was discovered that during the violent tossing by the boat’s wake that the life jacket was snapped off the girl. Despite the father holding tight to his daughter, the power of the wake snatched the girl from his arms.

Surgical placement of mesh to repair pelvic organ prolapse poses risks

April 12, 2013

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a news release on July 13, 2011. The release ( declared “Surgical placement of mesh to repair pelvic organ prolapse poses risks.” The agency said other options may expose women to less risk than the transvaginal procedure.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) is when the tissues that support the bowels, bladder, and womb become stretched or weak leading to organs sinking. The organs that may sink are the bowels, bladder, and womb. These organs can bulge into the birth canal. When this occurs, a woman can have discomfort, decreased sexual, urination, and bowel movement ability.

Surgery to repair a POP sometimes includes a mesh (cloth-like material). Some of the frequent complications from this mesh are poking through the birth canal, bleeding, infection, pain during sex, and accidental cutting of body parts during surgery.

A transvaginal mesh lawsuit lawyer (click on their link) can help with obtaining financial compensation. A pelvic mesh legal team is available to clients in all 50 states. They are experienced in trial litigations (lawsuits). They provide representation in state and federal courts. They handle medical and product liability cases nationwide. This legal team is home to the most experienced and proven birth canal mesh attorneys with a wealth of experience conducting class action lawsuits.

Forensic Nursing

April 12, 2013

Forensic nursing should be included in the BSN programs today. A friend of mine and I were discussing why it should be included in the programs. There are many different fields of nursing. If for some reason you are not happy with one you may try another field. The reasons to include forensic nursing are because one never knows what they may encounter. An OR or ER nurse is guaranteed to see forms of child abuse, sexual abuse, gunshot wounds, and many more serious conditions that forensic nursing would improve the patients care. The nurse would be able to respond and understand the situation better, which may be a matter of life or death. TUESDAY, MAY 06, 2008 Assessment Course As a 1970 graduate of a diploma program, this assessment course seemed far more defined. My assessments were taught in chapters in my medsurg, peds and maternity nursing texts. Forensic nursing was never mentioned. I love doing and teaching assessments because I love a good challenge and every patient is one. My skills became more fine tuned after my forensics nursing class over 10 yrs ago. I love stories by Patrica Cornwell, Tess Geristen and some by Kathy Reichs although I find her writing less sophisticated and more predictable than the others. “Bones” a TV drama based on her works and experiences is far more interesting to me. If Forensic Nursing is not a required course in BSN programs today, in my opinion it should be. It would fine tune basic assessment, observation and interviewing skills which all benefit the care of the patient.

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Bankruptcy after an Accident, review

April 10, 2013

I knew a client who experienced much pain after a vehicle accident. There was physical, emotional, and financial pain. The client was a family of a man, wife, boy, and girl. Their older vehicle was totaled, and they did not carry collision and comprehensive insurance. The other driver had no insurance and experienced a total vehicle loss. All five persons went to the emergency room. The medical bill was in thousands of dollars for both parties.

When my client family was discharged, they were not able to go back to work or school. They are in the lower middle-income bracket with no savings and no medical insurance. Now, they have no family transportation. This placed them in a situation where they could not be gainfully employed.

Eventually, the hospital and doctors proceeded with collection efforts for the unpaid bills. They begin to fall behind on their rent, utilities, legal and other bills.

They sought a bankruptcy lawyer in the Puyallup area of Washington State. They looked for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Tacoma, WA. The attorney they chose sat down with them and explained the options.

Now, the financial pain is less for this family. This helps lessen the emotional pain. In turn, the physical pain is more bearable.

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