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Hurricane Relief Tutoring Fund

October 19, 2017


Hurricane Relief Tutoring Fund

It is not fun when disaster strikes. We are sorry you are affected by recent hurricanes. We are offering tutoring gifts. These are available for tutoring of the following grade levels; kindergarten, grade school, elementary school, middle school, high school and more. The gifts will be given from now until December 31, 2018 or until used up. A thank-you goes to our tutoring partner for donating part of the funds. Please contact us for details. Email us here.

Donations are accepted. 100% of your donations received from the payment processor go to education and tutoring. Zero percent goes toward administration.

What You Don’t Know About the Impact of Vision in Your Child’s Life, review

July 27, 2016

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(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Just when you are getting used to having your children home for the summer, you realize — it’s already almost time to send them back to school. So you schedule appointments and check-ups, but one thing that often goes unchecked is a child’s vision.
Did you know 80 percent of a child’s learning is done through their eyes? And yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35 percent of children have never seen an eye care professional, making vision impairment one of the most prevalent disabling conditions among children in the U.S. This is one reason why experts agree it is imperative to get a child’s eyes checked yearly and equip them with glasses as needed.
For those who already wear glasses, seeing your eyecare professional is a necessity. Children’s lenses encounter everything from fingerprints to scratches, and even harsh glare. These issues can make it harder for kids to see the world and more challenging for them to keep their glasses clean. Looking through obstructed lenses can cause tired, strained eyes.
To help children see better — knowing that better vision leads to a better life, Essilor is doing its part to help kids focus and concentrate in school with the Crizal for Kids portfolio. Crizal Kids UV lenses include smudge-resistant technology that makes them easy to clean, and the no-glare technology reduces glare from fluorescent lights, whiteboards and computer screens to prevent tired eyes and headaches. The lenses are also long-lasting, made with safe, durable, and scratch- and impact-resistant Airwear polycarbonate material to help them withstand even the most intense recess sessions. Crizal also offers an unlimited lens replacement warranty for the life of the lens prescription.
Studies show children spend significantly more time outdoors than adults, which increases their exposure to the most powerful source of ultraviolet (UV) rays and blue light: the sun. Couple this with LED screens (tablets, smartphones, and computers) both at school and home, and children’s eyes are exposed far more frequently and at an earlier age to harmful rays that could damage their eyes permanently.
To help reduce children’s eye exposure to UV rays, Crizal Kids UV lenses have both front and backside UV protection. Wearing Crizal Kids UV lenses can provide 25 times more protection from UV light than if they wore no lenses at all. For all the benefits of Crizal Kids UV, plus additional protection from harmful Blue Light emitted by digital devices, ask about Crizal Prevencia Kids.
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VBS; free; July 24-30, 2016; Milwaukee, WI

Emergency Funding Needed

October 19, 2014

Community Service Announcement

We are highlighting one very caring youth. She needs our support. Her goal is to obtain adequate housing and food for her and the family. The sweet family consists of her older sister, 2 brothers, daughter, and mother. This family is struggling since August of this year to find housing that is large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone. They are also struggling to keep the school-age children in one steady school. A constant set of classmates, teachers, and routine would improve the lives of this family tremendously. This would also prevent disorganization and disarray. The highlighted youth is struggling to look for employment and care for her preschool age daughter. She has a brilliant idea of studying online. Her studies brought curiosity to our educational services. She is a very active and motivated student. The knowledge she is gaining is leading closer to the goal of obtaining adequate housing. Yet, she and her family are in great need of money to quickly get out of the clutches of an over-cramped residence. There are 6 persons living in 450 square feet of space. Please donate generously to the educational advancement of this young lady as she seeks to improve the living conditions of her struggling family.

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Deterrent to Nashville TN Crime

August 10, 2014
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“A learned society recognizes that the most critical aspect in need of change is the parenting and socialization of its children”. (Lynch, p27). Is it any wonder that the crime runs rampant? Parents that both need to work, their children often left on their own after school, computer games depicting violence, movies that make killing, sex, steeling ok. What is the message we are send to our children? That these things are OK to do as long as you don’t get caught? Without teaching our children what is acceptable behavior, and what the expectation of them is, they are free to do as they please. Our prisons are full of people who believed that they are not responsible for their actions; rather it was the situation they found themselves in that has caused their incarceration. I believe that learned behavior from childhood plays a big part in how children develop as adults. In a world that seems overwhelming to parents, children are often a throw away commodity. It then becomes incumbent on society to correct the problems. Prisons overflow, death sentences are not a deterrent, rehabbing people so they may reenter society and become useful, productive citizens and so on and so on, with no end in sight. Neighborhoods make a big difference in the success of our children.

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Support From Free Natural Remedies Distance Courses

January 13, 2014

The eight natural remedies courses are offered free as online formats. Forensic cases may be reviewed to show natural remedies used in the prevention of illnesses and diseases. Educational classes are available for each separate group of the non-professionals, professionals, and post-professionals. Click on the link admin [at] healthcare-online-education [dot] com for more information.

Walmart Holiday Gift Forensic Nursing Textbooks

November 17, 2013

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Forensic Nursing Online Tutor Gift Certificates

Forensic Nursing

April 12, 2013

Forensic nursing should be included in the BSN programs today. A friend of mine and I were discussing why it should be included in the programs. There are many different fields of nursing. If for some reason you are not happy with one you may try another field. The reasons to include forensic nursing are because one never knows what they may encounter. An OR or ER nurse is guaranteed to see forms of child abuse, sexual abuse, gunshot wounds, and many more serious conditions that forensic nursing would improve the patients care. The nurse would be able to respond and understand the situation better, which may be a matter of life or death. TUESDAY, MAY 06, 2008 Assessment Course As a 1970 graduate of a diploma program, this assessment course seemed far more defined. My assessments were taught in chapters in my medsurg, peds and maternity nursing texts. Forensic nursing was never mentioned. I love doing and teaching assessments because I love a good challenge and every patient is one. My skills became more fine tuned after my forensics nursing class over 10 yrs ago. I love stories by Patrica Cornwell, Tess Geristen and some by Kathy Reichs although I find her writing less sophisticated and more predictable than the others. “Bones” a TV drama based on her works and experiences is far more interesting to me. If Forensic Nursing is not a required course in BSN programs today, in my opinion it should be. It would fine tune basic assessment, observation and interviewing skills which all benefit the care of the patient.

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March 13, 2012

Forensic Sculptor education is available that includes age progression, facial reconstruction, and composite image. This site is updated on March 13, 2012.

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Healthcare Online Education Consultant
Age Progression and Composite Imaging Services
Forensic Nursing Online Tutor
Nursing Online Tutor
Tutoring School Children Online
Tutoring School Youth Online
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Narcotic Abuse

February 6, 2009
An increase in potential narcotics diversions were occurring within our Emergency Department after an influx of Agency nurses. What was happening; pain meds were being administered without corresponding orders and single dose vials were being used as multidose vials. We discovered that orders were not being written when crucial conversations took place between practitioner and nurse. Nurses were adminstering meds based on verbal orders, not thinking to follow-up with the physician or even hand the chart to the physician so they could write the order “real time”. I had worked in the ER for many years prior to my current position and there was always a sense of trust between nurse and physician. You helped each other out by doing for the other or even prompting when necessary. I find it rather interesting that there seems to be a new culture within the department that seperates physician and nurse; a form of alientation that fosters distrust. You hear things like: “That’s not my job” by nurses when discussing giving meds without orders, or “I didn’t know he did not write the order” or “I can’t give these meds even though I had a verbal order?” The other issue of using single dose vials as multi-dose vials come from not wanting to waste resources and work-arounds. I can understand the issues presented here. It happens when the physician orders 1mg of Morphine that comes in a 2mg vial. The nurse withdraws the 1mg, administers it, then saves the other 1mg for later, knowing it will be used at some point in time. Unfortunatly, all these actions may and do cause suspicion. Narcotics diversion was becoming such an issue that we ended up contacting an agent from the NYS Health Department, Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement. Imagine my surprise when this gentleman showed up for his in-service sporting a utility belt complete with handcuffs and a lovely government-issue 9mm handgun. Needless to say, his in-service caught the attention of many staff members, not just our ER staff. His presentation was very inciteful, replete with numbers about jail time and fines. Some of the “simple” penalties exceeded $5,000, loss of license, etc. Our numbers regarding narcotics diversion did diminish after his visit, but time will tell if the department goes full circle right back were it started.

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Introduction into forensic nursing

January 22, 2009
I appreciate the introduction into forensic nursing.  Upon reading Dr. J. Johnson’s articles and researching, it has become apparent that the need for forensic nursing education is an imperative part of our role as nurses.  Health care providers’ are at times the first line of defense.  With training, we are able to identify both victims and perpetrators of crime.  We should have the assessment tools and nursing interventions that will interrupt and help prevent the cycle of abuse. Both the Centers for Disease Prevention and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care organization recommend screening for family violence in hospitals and clinics.  In statistics it has shown thus far that since forensic skills have become more widely used among health care professionals, the number of identified cases of abuse has increased.  Health care providers’ are learning to become more aware of abuse and the questions to ask and what to do with the answers.  It appears to be another educational tool we can all use to help others.

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