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August 2, 2010

It is an easy thing to look down upon someone who is a drug abuser, we live in a society that has very little compassion, and or understanding for these individuals. I have heard it time and again “They have done this to themselves!” But have they, what moves a person to become an addict?
The history of an individual tells us a great deal. Family history may reveal that someone is predisposed to addictive behavior, and then coupled with a severe injury that needed long term pain medication can be a recipe for disaster. Families are turned upside down, and torn apart, some never recover.
These individuals may be incapable of stopping on their own, there are many programs and institutions that specialize in helping those who have this disease, the only prerequisite is that they want the help. If someone does not want help there is no program or individual that can help them.
As caregivers showing empathy for those in these situations rather than being judgmental can be the difference in someone’s life.

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