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Safety of Food Trucks

May 24, 2013

When purchasing a meal from a food truck, make sure the food truck is licensed, has a permit, is registered, and/or is certified. The type of document required depends on the city. Food trucks in Florida is my main reference point of writing. I will widen my perspective to refer to all states as I address each Food Cart in the USA.

Be careful with food borne illnesses such as Botulism, Salmonella poisoning, and E. coli poisoning.

If your city does not regulate food trucks or you are not sure about the safety of a food truck, here are some tips.

  • Make sure the truck is clean inside and outside.
  • Make sure the food handlers use safe methods of handling foods. These may include the use of gloves, hair covers, aprons, and clean towels.
  • Ask customers about their experience using the food truck. Are there any illnesses after eating the food?
  • Check public records. These may be available at the public health department or news outlets.
  • Ask the owner and/or workers about their food safety. Honest and diligent individuals do not mind sharing their food safety procedure. Ask during convenient times. If possible, do not ask during rush hours and when there are long lines of customers.

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