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Avoiding Foreclosure

May 2, 2013

We had a very low turnover rate for the past 5 years at our Forensic Consulting Firm. A big part of this is due to the recession. A large number are not able to obtain the new positions they were hoping to secure. Some have gone through, are going through, or may go through foreclosure. A Cleveland foreclosure lawyer said some people might be prey to predatory lending or unjust trading of their mortgages to other banks.

One co-worker decided to move in with her parents. She has not been able to sell her house for one year now. Before she moved out her house, she was struggling to keep up with her mortgage. She applied for higher positions internally and externally. Not able to sell her house, she decided to rent it. The family that moved into her house is paying the rent and keeping my co-worker in a better financial position. She pays her parents rent and has money left over. This plan was what she came away with after she left the office of the Cleveland foreclosure lawyer.

I have a cousin who tried to sell his house and move to Cleveland. After one and a half year of trying, he and his wife gave up. They could not sell their house and they discovered that many houses were being foreclosed on within Cleveland.

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