Deterrent to Nashville TN Crime

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“A learned society recognizes that the most critical aspect in need of change is the parenting and socialization of its children”. (Lynch, p27). Is it any wonder that the crime runs rampant? Parents that both need to work, their children often left on their own after school, computer games depicting violence, movies that make killing, sex, steeling ok. What is the message we are send to our children? That these things are OK to do as long as you don’t get caught? Without teaching our children what is acceptable behavior, and what the expectation of them is, they are free to do as they please. Our prisons are full of people who believed that they are not responsible for their actions; rather it was the situation they found themselves in that has caused their incarceration. I believe that learned behavior from childhood plays a big part in how children develop as adults. In a world that seems overwhelming to parents, children are often a throw away commodity. It then becomes incumbent on society to correct the problems. Prisons overflow, death sentences are not a deterrent, rehabbing people so they may reenter society and become useful, productive citizens and so on and so on, with no end in sight. Neighborhoods make a big difference in the success of our children.

How to Sell/Buy Your House In Nashville | Sell/Buy Your House Fast | 37206 | 37203

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