These boots made a difference


A co-worker and I were assigned to assess the death of a man in the middle of winter. Neither one of us had a desire to go up into the mountain. But, we both went. 

It was 30 degrees below zero and snowing that morning. The snowfall the previous night was 12 inches. We left our comfortable office and traveled a whole hour by jeep. After we parked our vehicle, there was another hour of travel by foot. I was glad I was wearing my comfortable boots for women. I could not tell what my co-worker was wearing. His footwear was completely covered by snow as was mines. 

When we made it to the remote cabin, we shook the snow and ice off our footwear. My feet were warm and not tired. I was amazed because that was the first time I wore the boots on a field call. The boots arrived in the mail only 2 weeks before the cabin assignment. My co-worker had a different reaction to the one-hour trek. He had to immediately rest and massage his feet once we reached the cabin. 

When we finished our assessment at the accident scene, my co-worker jokingly asked to exchange foot ware.

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