Heat Exhaustion: More Dangerous than Many May Realize


Every summer, there are many people who suffer from varying forms of heat exhaustion. While the symptoms may not be life threatening, continued progression of heat can lead to heat stroke – which can cause brain damage or other heat related injury to internal organs. This doesn’t mean that you risk heat stroke if you break a sweat working outside in the yard. However, heat exhaustion could be a precursor to a more serious problem if not dealt with.

1. Dizziness – A number of bad situations can be caused by getting dizzy from too much heat. If your automobile doesn’t have air conditioning and it is over 100-degrees Fahrenheit outside, you could easily turn that vehicle into a speeding death trap. If you ever feel dizzy, it is time to sit down and stop whatever it is you are doing.

2. Fainting – Another potentially hazardous symptom of heat exhaustion is fainting. Overheating yourself could cause you to faint regardless of what you’re doing. There is usually very little warning before you simply drop to the ground.

3. Nausea – Sometimes being nauseated from heat exhaustion could be misdiagnosed as a simply stomach flu. However, stomach flu usually doesn’t go away by dropping your body temperature. If it is hot outside and you feel nauseous, take a cool bath and see if it goes away.

4. Headaches – Suffering from headaches is a common symptom of heat exhaustion. Usually, you can deal with the headaches by drinking more water and saturating yourself. It is always better to drink water when it is hot as opposed to other beverages that need to be metabolized for useful materials within your body.

5. Muscle Cramps – Although cramping may not be a sickening or otherwise debilitating condition, some can hit so hard that you cringe in agony for a few minutes. This is another signifier that adding more water to your diet could be greatly beneficial.

6. Rapid Heartbeat – An increased pulse could be a dangerous instance for those suffering from heat exhaustion. If you suffer from high blood pressure as it is, subjecting yourself to such extreme conditions could become fatal or cause severe damage to your heart. As soon as you feel your pulse begin to escalate, it is time to cool yourself down.

7. Urine Sample – If your urine is a dark yellow color, this is a signifier of dehydration. If this is discovered in the morning, it could be a warning that any physical activity today could be dangerous unless you drink more water.

Treatment: Essentially, treating heat exhaustion means to cool your body by any means necessary. This means removing any tight clothing, taking a cool bath, ice wrapped in towels, air conditioning, and above all, drink more water. Keepingyourself hydrated during the hottest months of the year can stave off heat exhaustion unless the heat is simply unbearable.

Too many people have tried to “tough it out” while working manual labor jobs in the scorching heat. Some of us were simply not built physiologically to sustain specific temperature variations. This has nothing to do with being macho, but it has to do with genetics. Pushing yourself too hard in the Sun can cause a life altering complication that could become fatal. Take care of your bodies this summer and work smarter, not harder.

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