Forensic Consulting Expansion


Our forensic consulting business is doing well in a major U.S. city. We desire to expand into other cities and states addressing the Nuvaring side effects. It is not going to be an easy task. So, we looked at examples of other companies that expanded. One company that peaks our interest is Mandrien Consulting. This consulting firm helps companies expand nationally. The firm is geared toward companies in the mortgage and title insurance industries.

We love the consulting firm’s track record. They helped one company expand to a forty-three state area in a matter of only six weeks. The company originally was operating within a five-county area. This is very impressive rapid expansion.

If the consulting firm cannot assist us with our forensic consulting business regarding the Nuvaring recall, at least we want to obtain some ideas from them. We know that we need to obtain licenses within each state for our attorneys, physicians, and nurses. Or we may be able to have our current licenses recognized by some of the prospective states. We do know that we need an expert to handle this major licensing task for us. We will also need an expert to handle business licenses and permits within each prospective state.

It time for us to call the consulting firm to begin on a proper footing.

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