Bad Employment Experience


One of my colleagues had some trouble on her job and obtained help from a law group. She was a star employee since she started working. This not the same company where I work. She won numerous awards and was promoted several times. Her goal was to become a supervisor within her department. The requirements for the supervisor position were posted for all employees to view. The current supervisor was preparing to retire within a year. This gave my friend ample time to prepare. She took some advance forensic nursing courses. Having completed them within six months, she was ready. Most of the workers close to her felt she was the idea person for the job. Even her supervisor thought so. My friend applied. After three months of waiting, she found out she was not accepted for the position.

A few days later the supervisor was announced in the company’s newsletter. To her shock, the new supervisor was a person that she and her coworkers knew well. The new supervisor was someone who did not meet the qualifications of the job. She had not obtained the forensic nursing courses needed. She was frequently late for work. She was disciplined several times prior to the open job announcement. All of these were items stated in the job announcement as negative factors. Needless to say, my friend hired an employment lawyer.

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