Forensic Nursing


Forensic nursing should be included in the BSN programs today. A friend of mine and I were discussing why it should be included in the programs. There are many different fields of nursing. If for some reason you are not happy with one you may try another field. The reasons to include forensic nursing are because one never knows what they may encounter. An OR or ER nurse is guaranteed to see forms of child abuse, sexual abuse, gunshot wounds, and many more serious conditions that forensic nursing would improve the patients care. The nurse would be able to respond and understand the situation better, which may be a matter of life or death. TUESDAY, MAY 06, 2008 Assessment Course As a 1970 graduate of a diploma program, this assessment course seemed far more defined. My assessments were taught in chapters in my medsurg, peds and maternity nursing texts. Forensic nursing was never mentioned. I love doing and teaching assessments because I love a good challenge and every patient is one. My skills became more fine tuned after my forensics nursing class over 10 yrs ago. I love stories by Patrica Cornwell, Tess Geristen and some by Kathy Reichs although I find her writing less sophisticated and more predictable than the others. “Bones” a TV drama based on her works and experiences is far more interesting to me. If Forensic Nursing is not a required course in BSN programs today, in my opinion it should be. It would fine tune basic assessment, observation and interviewing skills which all benefit the care of the patient.

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