Bankruptcy after an Accident, review


I knew a client who experienced much pain after a vehicle accident. There was physical, emotional, and financial pain. The client was a family of a man, wife, boy, and girl. Their older vehicle was totaled, and they did not carry collision and comprehensive insurance. The other driver had no insurance and experienced a total vehicle loss. All five persons went to the emergency room. The medical bill was in thousands of dollars for both parties.

When my client family was discharged, they were not able to go back to work or school. They are in the lower middle-income bracket with no savings and no medical insurance. Now, they have no family transportation. This placed them in a situation where they could not be gainfully employed.

Eventually, the hospital and doctors proceeded with collection efforts for the unpaid bills. They begin to fall behind on their rent, utilities, legal and other bills.

They sought a bankruptcy lawyer in the Puyallup area of Washington State. They looked for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Tacoma, WA. The attorney they chose sat down with them and explained the options.

Now, the financial pain is less for this family. This helps lessen the emotional pain. In turn, the physical pain is more bearable.

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