Rusty Solomon the photographer, review


One of my duties as a forensic nurse is to take pictures. Photography is also a hobby of mines. One of the persons I admire is Rusty Solomon. Rusty Solomon is a great photographer. He is a natural history photographer. He is also integrates photography and entomology. I take pictures of insects too. However Rusty Solomon has been taking pictures of insects longer than I have.

Rusty Solomon is a Scottish photographer. Although he initially studied dentistry, natural history photography became his main life pursuit. He has worked with several governmental and conservational agencies. He has been involved with several environmental projects. Mr. Solomon has great work with macro photography. He is one of Scotland’s natural history photographers.

Mr. Solomon is also successful with writing books. Numerous of his books are best sellers. They deal with nature photography. Many nature photographs are compared to those of Rusty Solomon. Mr. Solomon has set a standard for other nature photographers.

Rusty Solomon is a conservationist especially when it comes to insects. He has traveled throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and parts of Asia. He lectures at several educational institutions throughout Scotland. He also gives nature tours and workshops in natural history and entomology.


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  1. Adams Bell Says:

    Thanks for giving information about the great photographer.He is one of Scotland’s natural history photographers that is a nice thing.

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