Sexual Abuse


A program that is in place to help sexual assault victims is SANE: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.  The nurses employed by this program are trained forensic nurses who help rape survivors on a first-response medical care basis.  They are concerned with psychological healing, emergency contraception, STD prophylaxis, documenting evidence, presenting evidence in court, organizing community resources for case management.  Prophylactic treatment of sexually transmitted diseases varies by health center, but generally includes a first dose Hepatitis B vaccine with follow up dose instructions.  Female patients are offered pregnancy prophylaxis medications after current pregnancy status has been established. HIV prophylaxis is also administered in these situations. The article “The Effectiveness of SANE Programs: A review of psychological, medical, legal, and community outcomes” by Campbell et al, from the journal Trauma, Violence, and Abuse, October 2005 reviews the effectiveness of SANE programs in all of its domains.

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