Measuring Fitness Levels


To physicians, nurses, and fitness professionals. The Health and Fitness Network, Inc. is dedicated to the sale of products that measure fitness levels. Founded in 1986, this company specializes in the representation and distribution of top of the line point-of-care fitness and medical diagnostic equipment. Their BodyGem, a home use device measures resting metabolic rate. And their MedGem, a professional version measures resting metabolic rate and enables healthcare personnel, personal trainers, nutritionists, and health club owners to help their clients lose weight. The medical team on The Biggest Loser ™ television program has used the MedGem. The MedGem handheld indirect calorimeter is an FDA cleared, Class II, medical device that assesses metabolic rate by measuring a patient’s resting oxygen consumption.

The Cholestech LDX System measures a complete lipid profile, ALT, AST, hs-CRP, plus glucose, in only 5 minutes from a simple finger stick. It is 6 minutes for hs-CRP. The physician, nurse or technician can share the results of testing with the patient on the spot, which means that action can be taken and treatment can immediately begin.

The Health and Fitness Network states there is never an order that is too small. They have over 16 significant testing systems/equipment. They use a national network of distributor associates.

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