Quitting Smoking, review


There is a group recruiting people to join a smoking cessation study. This is a good thing. The site describes the people who may have an interest in joining the study. These include the young and old adults. Details are listed about the trial. There is a newsletter with posts dated from 2011 to 2012. The latest post is “TRENDS IN SMOKING: WOMEN SMOKING IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.” There is a page that provides more details about who benefits from the study. And there is a page to find out more information. It indicates it will attempt to locate a participating location within 50 miles of your desired spot.

One thing that is not desirable with this website, is the popup free newsletter signup. Sometimes a new page will open instead of the desired page. The new page is apparently a free newsletter signup. Both of these are very distracting.

The pictures and map are very good quality and pleasing to see.

Quitting smoking support is provided by this website. I am glad to see this. I am reluctant to offer this website to most of my clients due to the popups and webpage switching. I would rather see a link for signing up for a newsletter.

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