Diabetes and Police Force Article


Recently it has come to the attention of the police force and diabetic specialists that greater attention is needed in the area of caring for diabetic patients who are being held in police custody. There have incidences where a detainee has suffered the affects of a diabetic attack while the condition went unnoticed or misinterpreted by the law officers. It is easy to mistake the symptoms of a hypo or hyperglycemic state as the side effects of drug or alcohol use. For the safety of both parties (derangement and violence are not uncommon in metabolic crisis and death can even occur in the patient) some police forces have decided to take the precaution of providing diabetic training and medical supplies for their stations. (Management of Diabetes in Police Custody: a liaison initiative between diabetic specialist service and the police force. Wright, et al. Practical Diabetes International, March 2008, vol. 25.)

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