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I arrived at my hotel early for a Forensic Nursing convention. While waiting for the convention to start, I talked with the staff as they were setting up. I did not realize all of the work required in obtaining the correct supplies and material. My hotel obtains most of its materials from PeachSuite Hotel Supply. The number of Hotel Supplies for amenities within the guest rooms is fifty-two! Previously I thought there were only 2 or 3 amenities to consider.  There are the usual items such as bath soap and tissue. Then there are items such as ink pens and note pads.

The hotel’s supplier offers Hotel Catering Supplies. There are inexpensive items such as disposable plates, cups, and cutlery. Then, there are larger items such as chocolate fountains buffet supplies.

The hotel’s supplier has items for sports fans. These include tailgating items. There are coolers, blue ice packs, grills, grill accessories, and disposable cups.

I took a look at the supplier’s website. The website is colorful. Some of the pictures are blank. I hope the company will get these blanks fixed. There are others spaces that say “No Image Available.” This is ok with me.

Overall, I am impressed with PeachSuite Hotel Supply and it products.

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