Vans for Wheel Chairs


From first hand experience I see how much work it is to transport a wheel chair bound person in and out of vehicles. If there is no lift or ramp, the person has to get out of his/her wheel chair. Then the person has to put the wheel chair inside or hang it outside of the vehicle. Next the person has to limp to the driver seat while holding on to something or the vehicle. Once the person is in the vehicle, the driving occurs. Now the person has to follow the above procedure in reverse to get back into the wheel chair.

The above procedure is many times interjected with a helping person. The helper would handle the transfer of the wheel chair into and out of the vehicle. This makes it easier for the wheel chair bound person to get into and out of the vehicle, having this assistance. Still, there is a critical point with the helper assisting the person in and out of the vehicle. I have seen times where there was an accident or near accident. With one of the handicap accessible vans, these accidents and near accidents are avoided many times.

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