TENS Units and Muscle Stimulators, part 5


Pain sufferers, this post is surely for you. The pain can be due to vehicle accidents, trauma, or disorders. When you have a prescription for a TENS UnitMuscle Stimulator, and/or ultrasound unit, consider LGMedSupply. One unit that needs to be mentioned is their LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator. It is a combination unit offering a reduction in equipment need. Increased muscle tone and muscle pain rehabilitation are offered in one machine.

When you visit LGMedSupply Online, you will notice they offer a 3-year warranty on all of their units. You will also notice that they offer free shipping with orders of $100 or more. They have a price match guarantee published on their Internet site. Their HIPPA pledge is listed on their site.

Supplies and accessories can be obtained from LGMedSupply. Quick Start Guides, charts, and instructional videos are available via the Internet.

Also additional information can be found on their online customer blog.

There is also a link to view their website in Spanish. As of today, the link is not working properly. Try the link on another day or contact the company for assistance. All of their other links appear to be working without problems.

Bulk orders are welcomed. Partnership is made with chiropractors and physical therapists. Insurance reimbursement documentation assistance is also provided.

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