Smoking Cessation, review


Do you have a cigarette habit and ask yourself “how to stop smoking” now? Here is some “smoking cessation advice.”

First, congratulations on your desire to quit. Second, you cannot accomplish this quitting process alone. In most cases, help from others is needed. Third, tell someone who you trust, about your goal to stop smoking. Fourth, contact a support group such as reflected in the 2 links above.

This linked group has articles online about smoking cessation. They are reviewed by a medical doctor. There is a section that explains the stages of smoking cessation. The group’s website talks about the latest headlines regarding smoking cessation. There is also a section where an expert answers questions. Next to this is a quiz section. And below it, is an education center with different topics.

For more details, the left margin is the next stop. This has a patient guide. The guide lists Basics, Treatments, Living With, News & Information, and Resources. Below theses are sections called Related Conditions, Related Health Centers, Common Treatments, Popular Recipes, and some non-smoking related (but helpful) topics.

Via both links, there is a search box that is very thorough regarding quitting smoking.

There is enough information on this website to keep everyone actively reading and involved in a smoking cessation plan.

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