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Online education has offered many students options to get their degree while continuing to work or to tend to family responsibilities. Students can create their own schedules for study, allowing them to work to pay for their education or to advance their careers, as well as to spend time with family. Online education is particularly well-suited for older adults who have decided to change careers or to finish their degrees later in life.

There are many programs available for those interested in forensic nursing and related career paths. Here is a brief look at some of the top online programs:

Fitchburg State University (

This program provides a Master of Science in Nursing (Forensic Nursing). The program “is designed for registered nurses who wish to pursue advanced leadership positions in the community and the health-care system.” The program is offered completely online, and the degree can be used to pursue a doctoral program.

American Forensic Nurses (

This program is a partnership with the University of California at Riverside, and it offers an online certificate in forensic nursing. The courses can be taken as continuing education for forensic professionals or as an introduction to a more formal program of training. Those looking for a more advanced program may be able to transfer the credits to another online program and seek accreditation.

Duquesne University (

This master’s degree program in forensic nursing teaches practical skills for both health-care and law-enforcement professionals. The university also offers doctoral programs with a forensic nursing focus for advanced study.

Kaplan (

This well-known online university offers a degree in forensic nursing in its School of Nursing. There are multiple program options, including a BS, MS, and certificate. Choose the program that is right for you and get financial aid to finish your education.

The University of North Dakota (

This established school has multiple respected online programs, including a master’s degree in forensic nursing. There are also related doctoral programs for more advanced study. If you are in North Dakota, you can benefit from a split schedule that allows you to get one-on-one instruction in the classroom or to study online.

With so many options for online education, it is becoming easier to finish your degree, whether you are just starting out or are making a career change. Check out these and other options to learn about the program that is right for you.

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